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Volvo cabin FE-CABINE T1554403 Mileage (km): 391700
Year: 2010
Volvo cabine 1993-2001 FH .O.T. 3208030 Mileage (km): 789663
Year: 1996
Volvo cabine 1993-2001 FH .O.T. T1234403 Mileage (km): 1114104
Year: 1994
Volvo cabine 1993-2001 FH .O.T. T1507803 Mileage (km): 841787
Year: 1998
Volvo cabine 1993-2001 FH .O.T. T1571003 Mileage (km): 1339725
Year: 2001
Volvo dag cabine FH L1H1 T1635503 Mileage (km): 299209
Year: 2009
Volvo slaap cabine FH L2H1 T1600503A Mileage (km): 750692
Year: 2003
Volvo slaap cabine FH L2H1 T1669303 Mileage (km): 475915
Year: 2007
Volvo slaap cabine FH L2H1 T1848603 Mileage (km): 593565
Year: 2007
Volvo cabine globbetrotter FH L2H2 14103A
Volvo cabine globetrotter FH L2H2 T1642903 Mileage (km): 506709
Year: 2011
Volvo cabine globbetrotter FH L2H2 T1731803 Mileage (km): 1488437
Year: 2003
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Complete range of used Volvo cabins

Vos Truckparts is your one-stop-shop supplier of used Volvo cabins. In the spacious warehouse in Hedel, Vos Truckparts holds an extensive stock of used truck cabins for the Volvo FE series, Volvo FH series, Volvo FL series and the Volvo FM series.

The stock held by Vos Truckparts includes the following cabins:

  • FE / FL Sleeping cabin
  • FE / FL Day cab
  • FH-12GL Cab
  • FH-12SL Cab
  • FH-12N.T.GL Cab
  • FH-12N.T.GL XL Cabin
  • FH-13SL Cabin
  • FM-12 Globetrotter cab
  • FM-13 Sleeping cabin
  • FM-9 N.T.GL Cab
  • FM-9 N.T.SL
  • FH4 Sleeping cabin
  • FH4 Globetrotter cab
  • FH4 Globetrotter XL

Each Volvo cabin is thoroughly inspected before being offered for sale. This guarantees you optimal quality for the best price. Ask our sales department for details of our extensive range. 

You can always find an up-to-date listing of our stock of second-hand repaired and reconditioned Volvo cabins on our website. Please call us for more information: our experienced sales team will be delighted to handle your enquiry and advise the best solution for your situation. You can also simply request a competitive price using the quote form.

Vos Truckparts delivers customer orders using its own modern fleet of vehicles. We arrange fast delivery of your Volvo cabins to any destination in Europe. Vos Truckparts also ships worldwide to countries such as South America, Asia, Africa and Australia: contact us for details of our competitive shipping rates.